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Evolution is our revolution


Kaleja is a Sephardic word: alley, precisely where our house is located. A hidden alley in the middle of the Jewish quarter, Marquesa de Moya, in which Dani cooks time, in the form of embers and candles, with deep roots in the earth, its matter and its roots.

Welcome to our house.

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We propose our MEMORIA tasting menu, made up of market preparations, and updated periodically. The approximate duration of the pass is 2 hours and a half. Please kindly remember that some courses or ingredients may vary due to weather conditions, shepherds or ranchers.


From August 15th, the price of the menu is €110 / pax, drinks not included.

MENU WEEK 25-7-2022

  • Team welcome

  • Zurrapa fritter and 2nd Maria del Valle Criadera

  • The sardine

  • onion broth

  • Seasoned potato ice cream

  • Sardines on fire

  • White eggplant, tempura figs, honey and cottage cheese.

  • Asparagus spinach and cured prawn in old anchovy butter.

  • Oyster a la candela, pig's head and horse mackerel gazpachuelo.

  • Maimones de Ali pebre of eel.

  • Fresh verdinas purslane water and cod belly

  • Rice with pickles and cauliflower

  • Mackerel a la candela and liquid lettuce.

  • Flame-roasted goat shoulder and its “aja”

  • Candle-roasted peppers.

  • The ice cream that every cheese wants by its side.

  • Roasted corn cream.

  • Eggplant toffee petisú a la candela

You can choose our HARMONY (Pairing) at the moment. It includes 6 wine passes, wisely selected by our team.


Price: €50/pax.


However, the sommelier can guide you in defining your best choice out of our rich cellar.



"Guisa que te guisa,

Kaleja is the maximum expression of Dani Carnero's cooking fundamentals, but you can also enjoy his more informal or traditional preparations in his other two establishments: La Cosmopolita and La Cosmo

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